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NEW EBOOK: Getting a Grip on Construction Costs – A Definitive Guide for General Contractors

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The construction management industry, as per the research by McKinsey Global Institute, is the least digitized industry. In recent years, however, there have been significant advances to digitalize various parts of the value chain in the construction industry. While the digital shift has been apparent over the last couple of years, the pandemic has accelerated the way these developers or construction companies connect with their partners, suppliers, and vendors to seamlessly manage various parts of their operations.

Most construction companies are somewhere along the journey to make the digital shift to survive the onslaught of the demanding business environment, this is a mere band-aid solution to what needs to be a longer-term strategic shift. To ensure strategic growth, companies should look to empower all their stakeholders -- vendors, partners, and employees with opportunities to do perform efficiently by streamlining operations and building digital apps to plug in the existing gaps in their existing operational flows. The true challenge is to transform your businesses in such a way so that it not just exceeds the expectations of customers and internal stakeholders, but also keeps you prepared for a dynamic and uncertain future.

This is where Digital Transformation (DX) comes in.

To help you better understand the digital shift, we have created the Getting a Grip on Construction Costs – A Definitive Guide for General Contractors which would help you gain a deeper understanding of the trends in the construction industry, some of the pain points that stakeholders in the industry are facing and how a strategic adoption of digital tools would help elevate some of the pain points they are grappling with.

Our intent with this eBook is to kickstart the conversation about the importance of digital transformation in the construction industry. More specifically, through this eBook, we hope to:

  • Articulate that digitalization poses a fantastic opportunity to grow your construction businesses, better collaborate with partners and suppliers and use real-time data, rather than intuition, to drive business growth
  • Encourage you to raise this agenda with your leadership teams and encourage the adoption of digital tools. Instigate your own analysis, ask questions from your on-site teams and partners understand how your business prepares to mitigate the risks from the transformation and exploit the opportunities that come your way
  • For our part, we want to play a pivotal role in facilitating and shaping those conversations both one to one and across the industry. We are committed to supporting professionals in the construction management industry on some of the benefits digitalization would have on your businesses.

While this eBook is primarily for General Contractors in the construction industry, we are certain that project management and digital transformation professionals and consultants, IT managers, and students would all benefit from the research findings.

Download your FREE copy of the Getting a Grip on Construction Costs – A Definitive Guide for General Contractors HERE to understand how you can streamline your construction operations through connected construction.

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