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Key Digital Transformation Trends to Future-Proof Field Services

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Field services remain to be more complex than expected today. Field technicians still struggle to fix issues at the fastest rate possible, use more parts and materials than needed, and are grappling with various types of issues for various equipment or machine that need to be serviced. Sad to say, almost all facets of field service management are reactive, and are heavily based on workflows and the time it takes to maintain or repair an asset.

Technology has helped many organizations to manage field services to stay afloat and thrive in this new connected and contactless era. More than digitalizing service requisition, digital solutions have proven to provide better ways of managing other internal processes for companies that make field service management easier and more effective.

So, what trends and/or tools should be top of mind for field service companies to streamline processes and ensure productivity from the field?

Client41. Providing self-service options and online services

With stringent restrictions and regulations due to the pandemic, the field service industry also has suffered from reduced workforce and lockdowns. With more clients spending most of their time in their houses, the demand for services increased. Consequently, most of these clients are spending more time on their computers during the pandemic which makes it even more ideal to provide an online channel to run remote diagnostics and troubleshooting and for service requisitions, inquiries, and more. These may be in a form of knowledge articles, chatbot, or online forms available 24/7/. This does not only bring a more convenient approach to availing of field services but also creates a more streamlined way of receiving and processing of requests.

2. Moving from reactive maintenance to proactive & preventive maintenance

More people at home means they become more conscious of the performance of the machines or appliances they use regularly as it has impact on their daily routines as well as their utility bills. This creates a need to acquire smart devices or even a digital log of its performance levels which enable both customers and technicians to stay ahead of future downtimes and issues with their machines.

Gone are the days when the only time clients contact their technicians is when their assets breakdown. There is now a shift from reactive to proactive & preventive maintenance which enables technicians and customers to know maintenance services that already need to be done to keep assets in tiptop shape and prevent downtime through systematic and digitalized record keeping of all asset information including its service history. 

3. Empowering technicians with mobile, digital tools while on the field

In field service, mobility allows better communication with technicians who are in the field (whether en route or at a customer’s worksite). Your field service software should enable to field staff management via mobile phones and integrated apps -- which should also allow technicians to access information and job details such as the location, the asset to be serviced, and the contact person, through their tablet or smartphone.

Payment-Collection-in-The-Field4. Gearing up with a Field Service Management Software

Although digital solutions were already being adopted by field service companies, having a software to streamline field services as the next logical step for organizations during this pandemic to adapt to the changing time and to improve customer service.

Just like staying on top of asset performance levels for preventive maintenance, it is not enough to provide field technicians with a paper checklist, logbook, or disjointed applications to track service histories of an equipment. A digital solution that can help manage the maintenance and repair of these assets and assist technicians with their onsite tasks is key in ensuring that field service teams are productive and that operations are running well as expected.  

Field Services: Transformation with Steer

Industry-Applications-1Digital solutions can help streamline all aspects of your operations, including field service management. With the challenges that the field service industry is facing, implementing a software to streamline processes is no longer a luxury – it is the best way to remain  profitable and competitive by keeping your field service teams productive.

With Steer’s Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Suite for Field Service Companies, you gain access to customizable digital solutions such as:

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