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Maintenance management made easier with Steer Dashboard & Reports

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Steer Dashboard and Global Reports

Being up to speed with maintenance, repair, and operations processes is one key to effectively managing your MRO business, may it be for ships, diesel engines, heavy equipment, trucking, HVAC, and more. Full visibility on data that show the overall health of your processes is another non-negotiable capability that enables you to drive your business to success.

Having a software that delivers the mentioned abilities makes MRO management more efficient. Commonly, businesses turn to CMMS for maintenance management. But what if there's a customizable CMMS alternative that you can easily personalize to fit your unique MRO processes without coding?

Steer Platform is a no-code software that digitalizes your operations and enables you to keep track of your key activities and make informed business decisions through its Dashboard and Global Reports features.

Getting to Know the Steer Dashboard

In using Steer as a CMMS alternative for your MRO processes, the Dashboard is the first that you'll meet upon logging in. It encloses all the functions that you need such as filing requests or getting a snapshot of how your day looks like. Let's have a quick run though of what you can see and do through the dashboard.

1. Create 
- This will direct you to the Solution Builder to build a solution, record app, and workflow app in one go. (applicable to users with admin and editor access)

2. Request 
- Lets you submit a ticket request using the templates you were given access to.

3. User Guide
- This will direct you to Steer's helpdesk where you can browse for articles / documents to guide you with your concerns regarding the system.

4. Ticket List
- This is where all the tickets you submitted are listed. You can also view the current status of your ticket here.

5. Worklist
- The Worklist functions as your basic task list. This is where you can see all the tickets assigned for your approval.

6. Global Reports
- This is where you can create and generate reports from your workflows and records.

7. Unassigned
- Contains the workflows and records that were not assigned in a solution.

8. Solution Management
- This is where you can find all the solutions, and manage all the workflows, records, and datasets assigned in the solutions. This is also where you can create a workflow and a record app.

9. Board
- This will redirect you to a board that shows all the workflows, and tickets assigned under each workflow.

Global Reports: Gain insights from MRO processes in an instant

Data from MRO processes is key in creating informed business decisions. Steer makes it easier for you to generate data from your MRO workflows through the Global Reports feature.

Global Reports allow you to create reports using fields from different workflows. Any reports that you make will be accessible to all of your users which they can also re-use if needed for other processes.

As mentioned, Global Reports can easily be accessed through the dashboard,  located at left side of your screen and it will direct you to the REPORTS page.

As seen on the screen, you will find the Create Report and the Data Model buttons at the upper right side of your screen. Now, the first thing that you need to do is to build your data model where you have to select the workflow and fields for your final report output to base on.

After creating the data model, the next step is to design your report. Inside the Reports Designer, there are three steps that you will encounter. First is to select a Chart type for your report's graphical representation.

The second step is the Data Selection where you have to finalize all the fields you want to include in your report. After configuring these steps, the third and last step is to preview and publish your report.

 The Dashboard and Reports are just a few of the many powerful features that Steer has to offer to your MRO business. Steer also has an MRO Suite, complete with solution templates for Work Order Management, Inventory Management, Preventive Maintenance, and Purchase Requisition, to help you roll out digital solutions for every part of your operations fast and easy.

Know more about Steer by visiting out website: or get into a Live Demo with one of our Account Managers HERE.

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