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Product Update Recap: New Web & Mobile UI, Offline Mode, and More

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Steer Team

We're proud to announce the roll out of our latest major updates on Steer Platform. With these changes, we hope to bring a better experience for our users and to provide intuitive tools that support their operations digitalized over the platform.

As communicated over the past weeks, here's a recap of the product updates on Steer.


Steer’s refreshed Web user interface (UI) makes your Steer Platform experience more intuitive than ever. For this UI update, we’ve made sure that every design enhancement also comes with better functionality.

Here's what's new with Steer's Web UI:

  • Admins have improved UI navigation that boosts and centers on user monitoring, such as managing user license, access, and privileges. This enables Admins to focus on giving appropriate access and permissions to individual users and groups within the platform. 
  • Builder UI focuses on directing efficient and intuitive navigation using a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Also, as part of the new Steer features, Builders can view External Users’ information, such as their contact info and details of the tickets they have submitted on Steer. With these updates, Builders have more control and visibility in designing business solutions and creating automation processes while giving them complete control over workflow design.  
  • User UI enhancements have a revamped look on the dashboard that improves ticket request and task monitoring. In addition, we have made viewing Solutions and Reports more comprehensive, making it easy for Users to track Workflows and view Records that they can access. 


Included in the upcoming changes in Steer are the mobile app's new features and design that extend the enhanced Steer experience to Android and iOS.  

New Feature on Mobile: Offline Mode & Outbox

Mobile Dashboard Outbox

We're happy to announce that the Offline Mode and Outbox Folder will now be available on the Steer Mobile AppWith these new features, you can create tickets and records while offline. These will be temporarily stored in the Outbox Folder as pending actions and automatically sent to Steer once connected to a network. 

Here's what's new with Steer's Mobile UI:

    • A separate Task Approval page groups all tasks you're involved in. This page lets you view individual tasks and monitor their status and due dates
    • revamped user interface to provide the best app navigation experience 
    • Enhanced Dashboard design and view with FavoritesRecent, and All display to sort all of your activities on Steer.
    • In addition, users will now be able to monitor all submitted tickets in the Requests tab and see the tickets that need your approval  the Tasks tab. This way, tickets are properly organized and easily accessible anytime.
We're making it easier for Steer users to automate processes through the new Automation module. With this module, users can: visually create rules, monitor automation performance, and collaborate with other builders.  
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A Deeper Dive into the Steer User Types
In addition to the UI changes, we're also updating what the users can view, depending on their User Type - Admin, Builder, or User.
Admin Users manage License Subscriptions and User Access Setting.  
 Admin User Dashboard
Builders can design and build solutions, view reports, and create automation rules that can be reused in multiple solutions.  
 Builders Dashboard
Users can be both internal users (within the organization) or external (outside of the organization, such as customers, partners, suppliers, etc). They can create tickets, as well as review and approve requests.  
See how these updates Steer can help you digitalize and automate your business.  Here are links to helpful Knowledgebase Articles that will help you seamlessly navigate through these changes on the platform:


Have questions? Feel free to send us an email at

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