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Project Progress Monitoring for Project Management Consultants

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For Construction Project Consultants such as you, the successful completion of a project can be ensured by closely monitoring the progress and milestones of your projects. However, being updated on day-to-day on-site activities and ensuring the delivery of high-quality output from contractors on time and within budget can be a challenge to do all at once especially when you are consulted for multiple projects in various locations. It requires careful planning, detailed monitoring of the progress, and communication and collaboration among all the major stakeholders and team members from different sites. 

Realizing the importance of a dependable and real-time progress monitoring tool in construction 

progress-monitoring-constructionProgress monitoring is a fundamental part of construction project management. It gives an understanding of the development of the project so that corrective actions can be taken when the performance strays significantly from the work plan. It involves regular collection and analysis of updates to track the progress of the project execution against pre-set targets and objectives. It is an important construction management tool that, if used properly, gives constant feedback on the project implementation progress as well as assists in identifying potential successes and limitations in making decisions. 

Accurate monitoring of a construction project’s progress is crucial because it supports informed and timely decision-making by the management and provides accountability for achieving results. It is a key part of project cycle management that needs to be established in the project at the planning stage, not some tool that developers can use mid-project. Moreover, it is to be woven throughout the project to ensure that every deliverable is accounted for and accomplished on time. 

The challenges of doing construction progress monitoring manually 


Most construction companies today track project progress manually – by using a spreadsheet (well, maybe some still use a pre-printed sheet of paper) or even a whiteboard for everyone to see at the office. Sometimes, physical meetings with consultants and contractors are needed to discuss the milestones achieved and the ongoing activities on site. This is an administrative nightmare, to begin with. In addition to the spreadsheet, there is also an exchange of status updates via phone calls and photographs via email or messaging apps (like Viber or WhatsApp) with contractors to have a better (literal) picture of what has been done and what needs to be addressed. Much worse, this way of progress monitoring and collaboration needs more work in collating all information in one place for everyone to revisit to get up to speed with the latest updates.  

Using a Construction Management Software for Progress Monitoring  

construction-progress-monitoring-real-estateLet’s look at an alternative scenario where your team used a digital and connected tool for progress updating, communication, and collaboration. 

In this scenario, all your project stakeholders (consultants, project architects, site managers/supervisors, and workers) use a digital progress monitoring tool. The work plan is laid out on a Gantt chart where milestones are specified and updated by the responsible teams in real time when a job in the work plan has been accomplished. This means that the inspection and snagging, if needed, can be done progressively and not just towards the end of the project, making the operations more time-efficient and productive.  

 As a milestone is cleared, the inspectors, including consultants, can be notified to check and create snag list items accordingly. This creates tasks and notifies the concerned teams to address the issue almost immediately, and it’s done properly because the defects or inconsistencies noted in the digital snag list are well-documented.    

With a construction management software like Steer, crucial construction elements such as work schedules, materials, inspection, snagging, and de-snagging activities are streamlined, well-documented, and can be tracked in real time via a web or mobile app. This makes it easier for developers to ensure project delivery and quality efficiency. 


Reaping the benefits of a connected construction 

project-consultant-snaggingEffective progress monitoring is a key part of project cycle management that needs to be established in every construction company to be able to meet and, better yet, exceed, the expectations of clients. Not only is it the best way to deliver to clients’ needs, be it updates on the construction, but having a better hold of a project’s progress can also help in reducing project management costs as this streamlines the flow of information from the construction site to the HQ which makes relevant data available to all stakeholders anytime, anywhere.

Having a construction management software such as Steer, complete with its project dashboards and KPI tracker, empowers consultants like you to see in complete detail what and what has not been accomplished on-site to evaluate according to client expectations and create data-driven decisions to guarantee on-time turnover and that the project is of higher quality.  

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