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Steer Transforms Purchase Requisition Processes with New MRO Solution

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Purchase requisition is one of the most crucial processes in Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) companies as this contributes to the timeliness of service delivery. To empower MRO companies to deliver quality services to its clients, Steer introduces its Purchase Requisition Solution, an addition to its growing list of solution templates available to Steer users. The solution is part of the Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Suite that aids companies digitally transform maintenance, repair, and operations the no-code way. ​Along with the Purchase Requisition Solution, the suite includes solutions for Inventory Management, Preventive Maintenance, Work Order Management, and AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance, Dashboard and Reports, and Requisition and Procurement.

technician checklist for MROKey Challenges in Purchase Requisition

Part of the servicing process is the acquisition of materials and equipment needed to conduct the maintenance service or repair of an asset.

However, many MRO companies are still doing this crucial step in service delivery manually.

The key to handling these challenges lies in identifying the potential issues early to have time to review the most efficient and effective ways to resolve them. These include:

  • Manual requisition of materials and equipment using paper forms or via e-mail prone to oversight and delays
  • Lack of visibility on current status of purchase request

Having an outdated way of requesting for materials bring significant challenges. Companies must learn how to work with newer, more advanced software, use connected monitoring systems, and work dynamically with an extended service team through a powerful purchase requisition solution.

Steer's Purchase Requisition Solution

Steer's Purchase Requisition Solution is here to streamline processes revolving replenishing stocks and sourcing for inventories to ensure that your team is fully equipped with complete tools to deliver services faster.

Purchase Requisition Solution Template

This solution enables convenient purchase requisition of materials by warehouse staff, easy review and approval by Warehouse Managers, easy verification by the Finance team and efficient acquisition by the Purchasing team with the help of the Materials Checklist.

Watch the video below to see how the Purchase Requisition Solution makes it easy and convenient for various MRO companies such as those in shipyard, diesel engine, property & facility management, HVAC, and escalator & elevator industries to manage purchase requests, oversee status of these request for materials, and monitor operation costs.

Know more about the Purchase Requisition Solution, its other features, and the rest of the solutions included in Steer's MRO Suite. Visit or email us at

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