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New Solution on Steer: Inventory Management

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Steer adds another new exciting solution, Inventory Management,  to its growing list of solution templates

Steer adds another new exciting solution, Inventory Management,  to its growing list of solution templates available for Steer users download and use. The solution is part of the Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Suite that helps companies boost profitability through tighter control of maintenance work and costs. ​Along with the Inventory Management Solution, the suite includes solutions such as Work Order Management, Preventive Maintenance, and AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance, Dashboard and Reports, and Requisition and Procurement.

Dispatcher2Top Inventory Management Issues 

Inventory management within service companies, be it in-house maintenance services or 3rd-party service providers, often face challenges especially organizations that have lots of equipment, and materials to manage - fast-moving assets that make it complex to monitor usage and track costs. It is important to note that improperly planned and controlled inventories are prone to risks, poor visibility, and higher costs. Company executives and managers need to understand critical issues in inventory management such as:

  • Lack of real-time visibility on inventory levels which can hamper service delivery
  • Inefficient requisition & procurement process that result in delays
  • Inaccurate monitoring of equipment usage and spend on materials that may contribute to higher costs

Companies must have a good grasp of these key challenges and use them to build the business case for a newer, advanced software for inventory management.

Steer's Work Order Management Solution: Easy inventory tracking, powerful cost management

To curb the possible risks and problems poor inventory management may bring, Steer's Inventory Management Solution is here to help companies track all MRO inventory and parts across all assets and service teams from releasing to actual usage and control project costs.


This solution enables convenient requisition of equipment & materials for work orders by Technicians, easy review and approvals by Supervisors, easy access to pick-and-pack checklists by Warehouse Staff, and accurate tracking & dispensing of materials by Releasing Staff.

Watch the video below to see how the Inventory Management Solution makes it easy and convenient for various MRO companies such as those in shipyard, diesel engine, property & facility management, HVAC, and escalator & elevator industries to manage requests for materials and equipment, oversee equipment usage, provide pick-and-pack checklists to warehouse personnel, release needed materials for service delivery on time, and monitor costs incurred per work order.

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Know more about the Inventory Management Solution, its other features, and the rest of the solutions included in Steer's MRO Suite. Visit or email us at

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