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Steer reintroduces upgraded Go Digital Academy

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Steer Team
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In line with the development on the Platform and the team's vision of helping organizations transform the way they do business through no-code, the Steer Team relaunches the new and improved Go Digital Academy.

The Go Digital Academy is an online program that helps organizations across industries kickstart their digital transformation journeys through Steer's Go Digital Plan. Following this framework, the modules tackle three key concepts that work together to digitally transform operations and create seamless customer experiences like no other.

Designed for business users, IT professionals, and even students who wish to expand their knowledge on digital transformation, the academy offers courses on:

Primer on Going Digital -  Go Digital Academy

Going Digital

The Primer on Digital Transformation Series is designed to equip business and IT leaders with the right knowledge to ensure successful digital transformation, starting off with the basics such as learning design thinking concepts and service design frameworks.

What to expect from this series:

  • Learn about various concepts on digital transformation and the Steer Agile Innovation Framework
  • Learn how to conduct Persona Development, Customer Journey Mapping and Service Design Blueprint

  • Use knowledge and learning to plan and build an MVP using a no-code platform


    Going Paperless Go Digital Academy

Going Paperless/ Introduction to the Steer Platform

The Introduction to Going Paperless series discusses how you can completely eliminate the bottlenecks in your operations through digitizing process forms and workflows

What to expect from this series:

  • Deep dive into the various customer journey steps that need improvement
  • Learn how to streamline processes and remove bottlenecks in operations
  • Use knowledge and learning to create digital forms and workflows using a no-code platform

Getting Automated Go Digital AcademyGetting Automated/Introduction to Automation

The Introduction to Going Automated Series discusses how you can level up your digital forms and workflows by setting automation rules that make your operations smarter

What to expect from this series:

  • Review customer journey to identify steps that can be optimized through automation  
  • Learn how to set business rules , and identify steps that need human intervention
  • Use knowledge and learning to create an automation sequence using a no-code platform
The revamped Go Digital Academy has all you need to know to accelerate your digital transformation journey. It's time to learn how to re-engineer, automate, and infuse digital solutions across your organization! The courses in Go Digital Academy are 100% FREE OF CHARGE and may be  taken by anyone who want to learn more about digital transformation.
To know more or enroll to the academy, visit:


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