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Steer unveils Field Management Solution for Construction

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The 10-trillion construction industry is one of the largest but one of the least digitized industries in the world. Because of the traditional ways of managing construction, around 70% of projects are delayed or over-budget, and manual tracking of activities and materials on-site is one of the primary reasons.​  In fact, our team has found that almost half of construction projects are losing money instead of making money. They need greater visibility and control over the entire business operations to thrive in the new normal.​​

To address this, we are introducing our Fieldwork Management Solution for Construction, Repair, and Maintenance that connects on-site construction teams with the head office and core systems for materials & task tracking, change orders, punch lists, and more.

The All-in-One Tool to Get the Work Done


Ensure team efficiency inside and outside the office

Steer brings all project-related information in one app accessible via desktop, tablet, or mobile from the job site or the HQ. It streamlines coordination, clarification, and approval processes across on-site, head office, and 3rd-party stakeholders (architects/designers, project managers, etc.) and enables easy management of on-site tasks and materials through custom requisition forms & checklists right on their tablet or mobile phones. Steer can also be easily integrated with existing systems and automate tasks to eliminate tedious & error-prone manual encoding by the head office staff.

Ensure team efficiency inside and outside the office

Steer empowers managers to track team activity, inventory, and overall project & company performance in one place, from anywhere. It allows cross-referencing of site-related information and generates real-time insights and management intervention. Steer also minimizes incidents and fines through better visibility of compliance inspections and timely corrective actions and ensures high-quality output from head office analytics tools by getting accurate and timely data from the field

Flagship Offering: Materials Management

Manually managing construction materials leads to multiple issues that affect a company’s profitability. Because materials make up a lion’s share of a project’s total cost, streamlining this area can lead to a significant impact on the bottom line.

This is also a problem area that we have validated time and time again in Indian and Philippine companies.

With this, we introduce the Materials Management Solution​ that empowers construction companies to:

  • Reduce wastage from over-ordering and improper handling of materials on-site through streamlined inventory management
  • Cut labor time wasted as a result of stockout and rework by having better control over materials and tasks
  • Conserve resources through up-to-date design documentation, quick collaboration with designers, and approval from owners

Watch the overview video here:

Site Materials Management Overview Video


Steer Fieldwork Management Solution for Construction - The Best Software for Your Unique Construction Business Needs

MRO digital solutionsThere are several reasons why your organization would prefer Steer which can help you to address various gaps in your operations. The fact it is built over a No-Code Platform would allow you to customize aspects of the solution to your unique business processes and needs. Additionally, Steer’s modular approach ensures that once your core systems (ERP, accounting, HR, etc.) are in place you could use the license to build unlimited solutions to build a digital ecosystem for all your stakeholders. Furthermore, using Steer allows you the ability to integrate with any third-party system and automate/optimize certain processes. 

Check out more about the Steer HERE or book a demo with one of our account managers HERE to explore how Steer might help you optimize your operations. 

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Image of Steer Team
Steer Team

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