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Steer Welcomes New Partners

Image of Steer Team
Steer Team

Steer announces its latest partnership with Digitek, EasyBizSystems, Ninja Tribe, and Technopoly. With these collaborations, the team hopes to bring more tech expertise & experience to the table in helping customers fully digitalize their operations. 

Here are the latest additions to the Steer Partner Network:

Digitek (Mexico)

A Mexico-based digital transformation solutions company, Digitek. The company’s offerings include cloud computing, big data, and mobile development among others.

EasyBizSystems (India)

This Hyderabad-based partner has extensive experience of working with No-Code platforms. Having worked extensively with Field Service Management (FSM) companies in the US and Western Europe, EasyBizSystems can help companies gain maximum ROI from their FSM solutions.

Jagadeesh Varanasi (India)

Jagadeesh is an India-based academician and professor specializing in retail and supply chain distribution management. He consults for companies looking to digitalize aspects of their retail and distribution process flows and believes that the solution would help companies customize applications without any heavy investments in manpower and resources.

Ninja Tribe Solutions (Philippines)

Based in the Philippines, Ninja Tribe Solutions aims to help organizations cope up with the demands of change from a technological perspective. Their services include Project Outsourcing, Global Sourcing, and Resource Augmentation.

Technopoly, Inc. (Philippines)

Technopoly is an advisory group based in the Philippines that focuses on delivering insights on operational excellence strategy and continuous improvement. Providing consulting services around Process Management and Standardization, Technopoly can provide top-notch consulting services to help streamline and optimize processes for clients.

To book a meeting with these new Steer Partners for business needs, feel free to do so through the Steer Partner Marketplace, a microsite dedicated to bring together Steer's Partners in an easy-to-navigate products and services catalogue.

To know more about the Steer Partner Network or if you have questions regarding Steer, feel free to reach out to us at

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