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Taking HVAC MRO into the Modern Day - Top Tech Trends

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As part of the initiative to improve factory productivity, uptime, and cost-effectiveness, maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) is an important area on which HVAC companies must concentrate. MRO affects almost every area of the business and includes every part and piece of equipment that ensures the overall condition of the machine.

As we look at HVAC MRO trends for 2021, it is obvious that data-driven technologies lead the optimization strategies for the future. Maintenance and repair processes for HVAC have always been manual and prone to errors and inefficiencies. In this blog, we will look at some HVAC MRO tech trends that are bringing this crucial part of the business in line with other digital advancements that help technicians do their jobs more efficiently and greatly improve the bottom line.

1. Sensors for HVAC inventory management

Sensor usage is no longer limited to the facility floor. By using smart technology in warehouses, managers are able to track inventory and spare part locations better. This greatly improves efficiency in MRO as parts are more often available and in the right place when needed — significantly decreasing downtime. As sensor technology advances, communication among HVAC machines and inventory tracking is also possible, creating the incredible potential for more accurate parts requisition and efficient warehouse management.

2. Data analytics and reporting

Data is at the core of the digital revolution in HVAC MRO. As service companies see the benefits of sensors and implement more smart equipment throughout operations, they should have access to even larger amounts of performance data. The uphill curve of this technology guarantees that more innovation is on the way — expanding and increasing the benefits to all.

3. Digital solutions to monitor asset performance and maintenance


Before the use of sensors and smart equipment, maintenance followed a predictable routine. Preventive maintenance was done based on the recommendations of the HVAC manufacturer, parts were repaired when they broke down, and service companies keep enough parts on hand to meet maintenance needs.

This analog process brought numerous inefficiencies. Preventive maintenance meant that parts might be replaced earlier than needed, reactive repairs led to unnecessary downtime, and inventory guesswork often led to too much or scarce stock. Now, as digital solutions such as digitalized work order management, predictive maintenance, and mobile apps become more accessible and inexpensive, HVAC companies are able to track equipment performance and maintenance needs and support technicians on jobs that need to be done on HVAC equipment, vastly reducing or eliminating the cost inefficiencies of outdated routines.

HVAC MRO: Transformation with Steer

technician-is-checking-air-conditionerDigital solutions can help streamline all aspects of your operations, including HVAC MRO. With the challenges that the industry is facing, implementing software to streamline processes is no longer a luxury – it is the best way to stay profitable and competitive by keeping your HVAC service teams productive.

With Steer’s Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Suite for HVAC Companies, you gain access to customizable digital solutions such as:

Read more about Steer’s Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Suite for HVAC Companies HERE or BOOK A DEMO to see how Steer can digitally transform your maintenance and repair processes.

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